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bone broth

Bone Broth & Gut Health

Everything you need to know about Bone Broth and Gut Health

We get it - keeping track of your diet can feel time-consuming, draining, and overwhelming - especially when you can’t feel any immediate results concerning your gut health. That’s why we love including our Bone Broth in our favorite recipes, so we can rest assured that we’re benefitting from extra nutritional value with each meal. To help you decide if Bone Broth might be the key to a healthy gut, we’ve compiled a list of the top health benefits that many people have experienced since including Bone Broth in their diet. If you’re struggling with severe and chronic gut health issues, we recommend speaking with your doctor or dietician before implementing new foods into your diet. 


Bone broth can reduce gut inflammation

Many foods in your daily diet can be notorious for making you feel bloated and uncomfortable. The main food sources responsible for this are dairy, gluten, and sugar. It is believed that the soothing effects of the bone broth and its nutrients, may help reduce inflammation in the gut. This can, in turn, help alleviate bloating and general discomfort. Bone Broth is also jam-packed with Collagen, which aids in nourishing the intestinal lining.

Bone Broth can improve digestive tract health

When incorporating Bone Broth into your diet, it’s important to remember that the health benefits are largely dependant on the recipe followed by the manufacturer. Luckily, at Bone Broth Brother, our recipe and making process includes a variety of minerals and vitamins, specifically tailored to ensure you get the most nutritional value out of each sachet. Each one of our quality bone broths is proven to: 

  • Promotes and Aids Gut & Digestive Health

  • Supports joint mobility​

  • Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails

  • Improve sleep

  • Improve Keto & Paleo diets


Our superior tasting broths have been crafted over the years by our family, using British bones simmered for over 20 hours and in turn offering the best tasting broth currently on the market. With love from the British Countryside. 

Ready to start adding some extra flavor and health benefits to your diet? Browse our large range of Bone Broths here and find your perfect fit! If you have any other questions regarding our process or the various other health benefits of our famous broth, connect with us here - we’d love to chat! 

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