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A Gut Feeling

How to take care of your gut

At Bone Broth Brothers, we frequently talk about the wonders of Bone Broth in aiding digestion and improving gut health. It’s easy to understand why this topic is so frequently mentioned - because it simply works. Every day we consume countless ingredients that are known for making us feel bloated and uncomfortable. The main culprits responsible for this are dairy, gluten, and sugar. Cue our Bone Broth - which comes in and helps alleviate bloating and general discomfort. This is because Bone Broth is jam-packed with Collagen, which aids in nourishing the intestinal lining.

However, apart from drinking your daily bone broth, you may be wondering about what other small changes you can make to your daily routine to ensure that you’re getting the absolute most out of our nutrient-rich broth. To help navigate the do’s and don’ts of healthy living, here are a few easy ways to ensure that your gut stays happy and healthy!

Drink enough water

The best way to keep systems moving and aid your gut is by drinking enough water throughout the day. Research suggests that warm water helps speed up the digestion process. Try to stay mindful of the amount of water you drink throughout the day, especially in the morning before you start moving.

Drinking Water

Stress Management

Your mind has a direct and immediate effect on your gut. That’s why it’s crucial to listen to your mind and body. The key to a healthy gut is managing your stress and anxiety. Take time and invest in activities that aid stress release and help you start the day with a clear head.

Stress Management

Limit your caffeine

If you’re like us, we’re sure it sounds near impossible to start the day without a cup of Joe. We’re not saying eliminate it from your diet completely, but be cautious with the amount you’re drinking. Try to limit your caffeine intake to about 1-2 cups a day. Caffeine is a know digestive stimulant and might prove to do more harm than good.

Drinking Coffee

Are you interested in some more healthy living tips and tricks? We’ve got plenty more up our sleeves. Be sure to browse our Bone Brothers Broth Blog here and learn all about the different ways our broth can improve your health and enrich your life. 

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