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Why athletes include bone broth in their winning diet


It’s no secret that broth has outperformed all competitors when it comes to quick, easy and uncomplicated gut health, immune boosting and overall deliciousness. Sure, we’ve got into the depths of Bone Broth and its plethora of gut health benefits, but what about the other tricks broth has up its sleeve and how can it benefit an athlete if included in a daily diet?

If you’re looking for more out of Bone Broth than simply spicing up the pantry and improving your recipes, there’s more in store than what you might’ve thought. In the world of sport and fitness, broth is no longer a well-kept secret, and is slowly gaining popularity as more and more athletes are seeing it as an essential part of their daily diet. Here’s our take on why we believe you should include broth in every athlete's diet. 

It can help reduce inflammation

As many athletes can confirm, training for long periods often leads to inflammation and can cause stress on the body. Due to bone broth’s high levels of amino acids like glycine and proline, it can help reduce inflammation and get those needed nutrients into your body after workouts in one fell swoop. 

 reduce inflammation by bone broth

It can help build muscle

Bone broth is a significant source of protein. Protein, paired with included amino acids, is the power team any athlete’s body needs to repair and build muscle. Another active ingredient in bone broth is Collagen, which is excellent in supporting the healthy function of bone, tendons and ligaments. 

Building Muscles by Bone Broth

The perfect post-workout drink

After a strenuous workout, you’re going to want to replace those electrolytes. Bone broth to the rescue! Including bone broth in your post-workout diet is a great way to ensure that you stay hydrated while bolstering your immune system at the same time. 

post-workout drink

Ever heard of the supplement Glucosamine?

Many top athletes take glucosamine supplements in pill form to strengthen joints, repairing the surrounding tissues — tendons, ligaments, and the ends of bones. Bone broth beats the supplement form as it contains greater nutrients without it being dulled but the heavy processing that pills undergo, making it effective and natural. 

Ready to take on your workout routine with the benefits of broth by your side? Want to know the best part? It’s never been easier. How easy-to-prepare Broth sachets make staying healthy easy and uncomplicated, the way it should be.

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