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A Gut Feeling: How Bone Broth Heals The Gut

What happens when we drink bone broth and how does it heal the gut?

Sure, improving your gut health seems wonderful - but what exactly does it mean to have a ‘healthy gut’ and what role does drinking bone broth play in the restoration of your digestive system? We’re here to clear up some facts and let you in on the amazing health benefits of our Brother’s Bone Broth.

What you need to know about  your gut

Your immune system is connected to your gut

Did you know that your gut is commonly referred to as your ‘second brain’? That’s right! Gut health is intricately connected with your overall wellbeing and helps create a strong and robust immune system.

There is something called an ENS and it lives in your gut

Have you ever heard of something called an ENS? The ENS, or the Enteric Nervous System, lives in your gut. If you had to picture it, it would look like two thin layers of over 100 million nerve cells that form the lining of your entire gastrointestinal tract.

You are what you absorb

Every time we eat or drink, the ENS works with the gut to perform one of its many functions - detecting nutrients. Your gut works hard to break down the food and liquid into a simpler form and allows the body to deliver all the needed nutrients to where it’s most needed. However, if the digestive system isn’t performing its daily tasks properly, and it isn’t absorbed and delivered to the rest of your body, you’re easily losing out on many-core nutrients and minerals.

What do you mean gut health?

To fully understand the multiple benefits of bone broth, it’s important to have some insight into what it means to have a healthy gut in the first place. Perhaps you’ve never really thought about it.  Like a well-functioning machine, a healthy gut refers to all the elements of your body working together and communicating effectively. A healthy gut contains the right amount of ‘good’ bacteria and immune cells that all work together to fight off infectious agents. The healthier the gut, the better the communication with the brain to maintain the general well-being of the body too.

Signs of an unhealthy gut


Don’t fret! At some point or another, everyone has experienced digestive problems or gut health issues. Whether it’s abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn, nausea or other gut-related issues, it’s very likely that you’ve experienced something similar at some point in your life. Although we recommend visiting a healthcare professional during consistent and more severe gut issues or concerns, there are still many ways each individual can improve their gut health through small changes in their diet. One of them being, you guessed it - Bone Broth!

Signs that you may have an unhealthy gut include:



Unintentional weight gain



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