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Bone Broth Bros


Growing up in the beautiful British countryside deep in the West Country and understanding the wealth it has to offer, the Brothers have embraced the idea that in nature, everything is unquestionably valuable in its own right and nothing needs to go to waste.


Too often we see products being discarded after first use and classed as ‘waste’! In a large family we learnt the value of taking these secondary ingredients and creating the most flavoursome meals and in most cases a healthier option.


Feeding 5 hungry feral boys was no easy task and our Mother and Grandmother paved the way for our interest in health/nutrition and zero waste. 

Since they were small, the boys have been roaming the hills, catching & picking their own food and rearing & growing the rest, with help from their fastidious Grandmother, perfecting recipes from every available part of the animal or plant. The end game was always to create the best tasting broth with the left over bones which was a skill honed over the years putting our recipes/flavours ahead of the others!


The time consuming process of extracting all the nutrition and flavour from bones has already been done for you by the Brothers. Capturing the set of goodies that help with gut & brain health along with the extra benefits (Staying young forever).

Now you can enjoy and easily start creating your own exquisite recipes or simply just indulge in a cup of scrumptious, healthy broth from one of our 4 magnificent flavours; just the way the brothers have been doing for years…

The Brothers 

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