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  • If I use the broth in a recipe, can I freeze portions?"
    Yes, if you use our broth as an ingredient in a recipe it becomes something new, with its own best before date. Depending on what you make, it may be suitable for freezing.
  • How many portions in a sachet?
    Each one of our 40g sachets represents one serving. This will make up 1 large mug to drink or go as an ingredient for meals.
  • Can the broth be consumed cold?
    Yes it can be consumed cold. Once you have re hydrated it from chilled or frozen by adding boiling water from the kettle you can leave to cool or add to cold drinks if preferred.
  • Can I microwave from frozen?
    This is not advisable. Defrost fully in the fridge before microwaving to ensure even heating.
  • Can I drink your broths during pregnancy?
    As long as you stick to the storage and serving instructions, and use the product within the expiry date, our broths are usually suitable during pregnancy; however, please do seek your own medical advice if you’re unsure.
  • When will your CBD range be available?
    We are currently waiting for our Novel foods license to be granted after a recent change in the law. We hope this will be by mid 2022.
  • Do you do other flavour broths?
    Yes we have a Venison variant waiting to launch.
  • Where are your bones from?
    Our Beef bones are sourced from British & Irish Farms whilst our Chicken & Duck bones are from only British farms. All bones are Farm assured from carefully selected farmers.
  • How should I store my broth when it arrives?
    Your broth will be sent out frozen. Keep frozen unless fully defrosted where it should be put into your fridge for up to 50 days.
  • My broth arrived partially defrosted. Can I still put it in the freezer?
    ​Yes! Our guidance is that as long as there are still ice crystals in the sachets they will be ok to store in the freezer for their full frozen shelf life.
  • How long will my broths last in the fridge once defrosted?
    Your broths will last for up to 50 days in the fridge. Please make sure you check the storage information.
  • Where do you deliver?
    We deliver everywhere in mainland Britain, excluding the Highlands and Islands. Parcels once packed will be sent on next day delivery.
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