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Fondant potatoes


2 - 4 Servings

Fondant potatoes


  • Sachet of Bone Broth vegetable Dashi

  • King Edward Potatoes  1 bag

  • Sea salt butter

  • Head of garlic

  • Fresh thyme sprigs

  • Salt & pepper to taste


Making the Fondant potatoes:

  1. With a medium shaped metal pastry cutter cut out cylinder shapes from each potato. No need to peel, you may need to slice both sides of the potato flat before cutting out the shape.

  2. Pan fry 1 of the flat sides of potato until golden in rapeseed oil. Turn over, Dilute one sachet of the Boosted vegetable dashi in 400ml of water .  Add to the potatoes. Add a knob of butter on each potato season with sea salt & pepper, fresh thyme & 4-5 garlic cloves .

  3. Place pan or transfer into an earthen ware  dish into a pre-heated oven 180*c for 45minutes.

  4. Once cooked remove potatoes & reduce the remaining liquid to create a glaze.

Assemble the potatoes in your desired piece of crockery pour over the reduced buttery juices to glaze.

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