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Over the past few years whilst researching and creating our bone broth recipes, I have learnt how invaluable the nutrients of bone - marrow are and what it has to offer so many people. I live with an incredibly special little girl who has influenced our Bone Broth journey in a way I could never have predicted.

We've mentioned before that bone broth is absorbed through the blood brain barrier and feeds the brain with fantastic nutrients, it reduces epilepsy in children and in some cases stops it completely.

My step-daughter has a an incredibly rare disease (rett-syndrome) that means her neurological pathways misfire (I'm simplyfying it somewhat.) But this rare disease results in epilepsy and the inability to use her body correctly. This started another side to my bone broth journey.

We wanted to create easy to use flavoursome drinks that she would enjoy too. Bone broth has had the most positive impact on her health and wellbeing. Keeping her brain as healthy as possible is a top priority. Not only this but she has led me to start developing a secondary range of bone broth products with the added benefits of CBD. (Something else our household sees the benefits of daily.)

I have started creating a product that supports optimum brain health and function. As well as supporting muscle repair and maintenance. It is a super food drink like no other! When I started this project I was excited to deliver a product that had been a family go to throughout our childhood. However it has grown into a project of pure passion with motivations beyond what I started with.

I cannot begin to express my excitement to be able to offer something so nutritionally valuable, not only that, but to be-able to witness for myself what incredible impact it has on my family members. As well as knowing how great I feel on it too.

CBD will be infused into the full range of Bone Broth Brothers products for those looking for something even healthier.


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