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What the Duck?

Deep diving into our bone broth

It’s no secret - our chicken and beef broths are absolute favourites! However, have you tried our lesser-known but just as delicious duck flavour? Our duck flavour bone broth is one powerhouse of a sachet. It's 100% gluten-free, keto & paleo-friendly, and a great source of collagen and protein. Not only is it low in salt, but it’s also a great low-calorie option for a quick, easy and tasty vitamin, nutrient and mineral boost.

Duck Broth

Health Benefits

Generally, duck broth is known to have a richer taste compared to our chicken or beef alternatives. That’s why we recommend it as the perfect ingredient to add to stews, soups and other warm dishes. Not only is it taste-tested and certified as absolutely delicious, but it also boasts a variety of health benefits. It is widely considered a superfood and contains multiple nutrients that aid in digestion, gut health, boosting immunity, joint health and glowing skin.

Sourcing our Duck Bones

Sustainable and safe sourcing is one of our top priorities at BBB. Our Duck bones are all sourced from British farms only and from a carefully curated list of selected farmers.

Duck Broth Recipe Inspiration

Getting a bit bored with your daily broth intake? Why not spice things up a bit with our mouth-watering Duck Bonbon's Confit Shallot Recipe! Created specifically for our Brothers’ Broth, this recipe is a surefire way to heat things up in the kitchen, whilst incorporating all the benefits of our broth. Read more about how to make our recipe here:'s-confit-shallot

Do you still have some more questions about our broth and how to incorporate it into your diet? We’ve made it easier than ever. Be sure to have a look at our FAQs here, or alternatively, reach out to one of the brothers here— we’d love to chat!


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