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Three Creative Ways to Use our Famous Bone Broth

At The Bone Broth Brothers, we simply can’t get enough of our wide range of Bone Broths. However, at Bone Broth Bros, we like to keep things interesting, adventurous and creative, especially when it comes to making food. Luckily, there are many creative ways to work our delicious bone broth into everyday recipes - keeping your meal options versatile, while still enjoying the various health benefits of our nutritional Bone Broth.

To help you get a kickstart in the kitchen, we’ve compiled a list of three easy ways to introduce Bone Broth into your dishes.

Bone Broth Recipe

Why should I include Bone Broth in my diet?

Before diving into the deep end, it’s important to understand why Bone Broth is such an essential part of a diet. Our broth is rich in collagen and is specifically made to help aid digestive health, provide joint pain relief, detoxify the liver, prevent ageing skin and so much more. For more info about the benefits of bone broth, be sure to read our article all about it here:

Bro Tip 1: Add it to your Stuffing

Adding Bone Broth to your traditional stuffing is a surefire way to add that extra bit of flavour to the recipe. Although regular stuffing recipes aren’t usually considered to be healthy, adding Bone Broth will add some much needed nutritional value to the dish. Each one of our broths is low in calories, gluten-free and fat-free.

Bro Tip 2: Bone Broth Smoothie

When you think about Bone Broth, the first image that comes to mind is usually hot soups and warm sips on cold winter days. What if we told you we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves? Freeze your favourite Broth into ice cubes and add it to your smoothie or cold drink of choice. The sweet, fruity and fresh flavours of your smoothie beautifully complement the hint of savoury from the broth ice cubes. This offers an easy, delicious and creative way to get your daily dose of broth.

Bro Tip 3: Add it to Homemade Sauces

Nothing screams fresh like homemade sauce. Next time you’re in the kitchen, add some extra protein to your sauce by mixing in some healthy bone broth. That way you can serve your next meal with a healthy serving of Gluten-Free, Keto and Paleo Broth Inspired sauce to match.

You’re in for a treat

If you’re feeling ready to add some flavour to your favourite dishes, have a look at our recipe page here:

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