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Top Myths about Bone Broth

Debunking the myths surrounding bone broth

We get it - misinformation is so evident in our daily lives, that sometimes it can feel overwhelming and almost impossible to sift through what is real and what isn’t. That’s why we’ve decided to filter through some of the most common myths and misconceptions about Bone Broth and clear them up once and for all. To help you navigate between what’s fact and fiction - here is our list of top misconceptions about bone broth.

Myth 1: Making Bone Broth is a difficult and tedious process

At the Bone Broth Brothers, we believe that healthy and nutritional broth should be easy, efficient, and effective. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to make our delicious broth - debunking this myth. Simply add our sachet to your favourite mug, add 260ml of boiling water, and stir. And voila - you’ve made broth.

Myth 2: Broth should only be added to soup

This Myth is a hard-no from our team at the Bone Broth Brothers. Our bone broth is a super versatile and easy-to-use ingredient in almost any recipe. Did someone say smoothies? Yes! Pasta? Yes! Using bone broth doesn’t limit your dish options, but rather creates a variety of new and exciting recipes you can add to your repertoire. For more on creative ways to use bone broth, take a look at our recipes page here:

Myth 3: You can only use hot broth

Our broths can easily be used once it’s chilled. This makes it super easy to add to drinks and sauces of your choosing. Once you have rehydrated your broth with boiling water, allow it to rest for a while and use it at your preferred temperature.

Myth 4: Bone Broth isn’t actually that healthy

At the Bone Broth Brothers, we don’t believe in making promises we can’t keep. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing detailed information about the nutritional value and health benefits of each one of our bone broths. From improving skin health, boosting your immune system, and improving gut health - we’ve taken a closer look at the health benefits of bone broth and made it easy to understand. Take a look at our blog about the health benefits of our broth here:

What are some of the questions you have about Bone Broth? We’d love to help answer them. Connect with us here and we’ll gladly talk you through any questions or concerns you may have. From delivery, to recipes - we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


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