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What’s the difference?

Over the ages, stock has become a familiar household item that can be found in most kitchens and pantries. However, how does stock compare to bone broth, and what’s the major difference? We’ve dived into the deep end and compiled a list of the top things to consider when deciding between bone broth or stock.

Bone Broth in Winter

Bone Broth Process: How it’s made

Many people often use stock and bone broth interchangeably, however, there are a few vital differences in the making process that impact the flavour, nutritional value, and health benefits. The key difference between the two processes is that Bone Broth is made by simmering roasted vegetables and bones, whereas stock recipes may add meat to the process. Bone broth is also typically simmered for up to 24 hours, compared to the 3 - 4 hour simmering period of stock. The expedited cooking process reduces the amount of beneficial gelatin extracted from the bones, limiting its ability to support the immune and digestive systems. This slow-cooking not only releases gelatin but also adds calcium, collagen, glucosamine, and other nutrients to the broth. Here at Bone Broth Brothers, we simmer for up to 24 hours to get the maximum amount of goodness so you guys get the best results.

The Versatility of Bone Broth

When it comes to comparing Bone Broth and stock, another key difference is the versatility of Bone Broth. Where stock is commonly added to soup and hot meals, Bone Brothers Broth can effortlessly be added to cold drinks and sauces, while still maintaining all its nutritional value. Curious about some new ways to incorporate Bone Broth in the kitchen? Have a look at our blog all about it here.

Why choose Bone Broth

At Bone Brothers, we stand out above the competitors because of our exceptional sourcing, recipes, and ingredients. We pride ourselves on our foundation of creating healthy products that don’t take away from the earth. That’s why we are also only using British Bones and Vegetables from carefully selected British Farms. With the meat industry using only the primary cuts, we have created a use for this amazing waste product.

Curious about our different flavours and how to make a delicious meal incorporating our Bone Broth? Visit our recipe page here and pick what’s for dinner tonight!


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